A Message from the Maestro

Dear Members and Friends of Ars Musica, viagra sale

I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to step to the helm of such a great organization, one that provides a way for individuals to come together and create something meaningful and beautiful. The power of what communities coming together can do is truly limitless when you consider the pyramids, landing on the moon or defeating an evil foe, and music is one way that we strive together for a common purpose. Music is not only pleasing sounds to the ear, it is also a process with benchmarks, struggles, achievements, shared goals and a profound exercise in self awareness and human connection. This is why music has always been a key element in communities, because it is solely a communal activity, whether you are a performer or listener.

Ars Musica strives for excellence in music, and thus excellence in the shared life experiences that music presents. All too often we forget that the achievement of great music comes at great effort backed by passion and commitment. During each musical process we struggle, help each other, reflect back to one another what we hear and need, and we connect the unspoken and divine from the music we make to the hearts and minds of those who come to listen.

In this new year, consider supporting us as we endeavor to strive together to be the change we want to see in the world: a group of individuals working together tirelessly to find peace and harmony. Your donation will fund not only the product, but the process of great music making, which changes lives for the better.

With warmest wishes,

Kelly Crandell, Music Director
Ars Musica



(551) 226-9305

Mailing Address
Ars Musica
PO Box 525
Paramus, New Jersey 07653



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Ars Musica’s concert season is made possible in part by a grant administered by the Bergen County Division of Cultural & Historic Affairs from funds granted by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.



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