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Member of the Month: Lorraine Heffernan, Alto
Lorraine Heffernan

In 1998, after waiting patiently until Ars Musica returned from its tour of Fance, alto Lorraine Heffernan finally got the call from Frieda Holober that she had been hoping for: “He (Italo Marchini) will hear you now!” Lorraine had been intrigued by the newspaper account of the chorus’s inspiring performance of Haydn’s The Creation, when the lights went out during a storm but the performance continued with the help of floodlights from the fire department and flashlights. Already a member of the all-women’s Ridgewood Choral and encouraged by its Music Director Marge Vandervoort, Lorraine was eager to join the larger 4-part group. Involved with choral singing since grammar school, although not having had academic musical training, she took some voice lessons with Theresa Minnocci, from whom she learned to keep her mouth wide open when singing, “the same way that Kelly [Crandell] now reminds the chorus to do.” (more…)” href=”″ class=”read-more-align-left”>(more…)

Member of the Month: Harry Sink, tenor
Harry S. Sink

“Ecco i giocattoli di Parpignol!”

Did you hear the call of Monsieur Parpignol selling his toys in our March production of La bohème? That was the voice of our own tenor, Harry S. Sink, in his solo operatic debut! “This was the first time I’d sung any opera.” Previously, the closest brush he’d had with opera was when his brother had done lighting for music productions at Julliard back in the 1980’s. Music Director Kelly Crandell asked him if he would like to take on the role, encouraging him by saying, “The main thing is to be loud enough!” He took his small but important part very seriously, and he practiced it quite a bit. “Madeleine Truninger [our March member of the month] was very helpful to me with the Italian, because I wasn’t that familiar with the language.” When asked, “Were you nervous making your debut?” Harry replied, “I was more nervous performing for the group during dress rehearsal. While I knew they would be supportive, I knew that they would know if I messed up.”   (more…)” href=”″ class=”read-more-align-left”>(more…)

Member of the Month: Madeleine Truninger, alto

Madeleine Truninger joined Ars Musica 37 years ago when a neighbor in Demarest showed her an audition notice in the local newspaper. A core member of the alto section, she has stayed with Ars Musica because of her friendships with other singers. Madeleine has sung with all four of Ars Musica’s conductors. Although she has appreciated the different styles that each conductor has brought to the group, she truly enjoyed Italo Marchini’s focus on opera noting: “I love opera, and Italo got us to Carnegie Hall.”

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Member of the Month: Charles Pinajian, tenor

Tenor Charles Pinajian joined Ars Musica about 20 years ago when it was led by Music Director Italo Marchini. Rehearsals were held in a school in Teaneck. Charles has an accounting degree from Pace University and enjoyed a career as an accountant and as a businessman. He enjoys spending time with his family: his wife, Grace; their son, Paul; and their daughter Lynn Beylerian; her husband, Arthur; and their children, Aline and Christine.

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