Introducing the Ars Musica Virtual Chorale!

Dearest Friends,

Welcome to Ars Musica’s 2020-2021 season: In Community! I hope you and yours are doing well and staying connected – even more than making the beautiful music for which we have come to be known, maintaining the bond that singing together forges has been our primary goal these last several months. We’re excited to spend this fall rebuilding our bond with you, as well! To begin this effort, we’re delighted to offer you our newest Virtual Choir effort: Gabriel Fauré’s ravishing Cantique de Jean Racine, featuring Juilliard-trained harpist Clara Warford:

We’re even more excited for our holiday offering, as we apply the many new skills our singers have learned to create An Ars Musica Virtual Holiday. This digital concert will feature more virtual performances, in-person performances by small groups, solo appearances by our Encore Young Artists, holiday readings, and even a surprise guest or two… stay tuned for further details next month! We’ll premiere the concert on December 12 at 7:30 PM, but it will also be available for viewing for the remainder of the month. Then, in early 2021, Ars Musica will provide several educational opportunities for both our singers and our audience, including online workshops discussing everything from Renaissance polyphony to the growing trend of protest music in the classical tradition.

We hope to return to live performances in May and June, contingent upon being able to do so safely – on May 23 at 4 PM, we will present our long-delayed concert, Hariu L’Adonai: Mendelssohn and More, celebrating the long and rich tradition of Jewish choral music. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for more details about June’s  biennial Celebration of the Stage, featuring music from the worlds of opera and musical theater, which we plan to present outdoors in collaboration with other local choirs!

Of course, presenting events of this caliber, either digitally or in-person, is expensive; particularly as granting organizations that previously supported us focus on causes related to COVID-19, we need your patronage more than ever. I hope you’ll consider donating to Ars Musica, either now or in our Holiday Fundraiser associated with our digital concert in December. As always, I look forward to seeing and chatting with you at many of these events, both online and in-person, over the next year.

With My Very Best,

Brian Mummert
Music Director, Ars Musica Chorale

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